Traits of Changing Seasons of Life


Each season brings about change.Just as there are different seasons for the earth, we have a winter ❄️, spring 🌸, summer 🌞, fall 🍁, in our lives though we may not always realize it.

For most in the US; the winter ❄️️usually brings about shorter days, colder temperatures, perhaps even 🌨snow. Things die, trees are barren, animals hibernate, and people retreat indoors. In the winter season of our lives; things are quiet, still, not a lot of movement, not many changes. The landscape has been cleared and everything and everyone that is not meant to stay is cut off and removed.. It is now primed and the ready for what’s to come.

In the spring🌸, the fresh warm air defrosts the winter remains and everything is new again. 🌷 Flowers are blooming filling the trees and the ground with a beautiful array colors. 🐥Birds are chirping, 🐝bees are buzzing, and animals are coming out of hibernation. The days are longer, the grass is greener, and the 💧rain is helping to bring nature back to life. People are outside gardening, playing, and enjoying the newness of spring. In the spring of our lives, there is newness in the air. New adventures, new encounters, and new ideas. It is the time when the landscape of your life is replenished and flourishing with growth and opportunity. It is an exciting time of change.

In the summer, the ☀️heat is blazing. 🌳Trees are in full bloom. People are moving fast with so much to do, and so much to see. The 🍦 ice cream trucks are singing throughout the streets, trying to keep everyone cool. Kids are out of school, swimming and splashing, enjoying the long hot days of the season. In the summer of our lives everything is full blast. We are moving quickly from one thing to the next as time flies by. Things planted in the spring have reached full maturity and the fruit is visible.

In the fall🍁, things start slowing down. The air is crisp,  pies are baking, and the leaves 🍂are changing into a warm variety of gold, orange, and red. The wind 💨 rushes in swiftly to help the leaves to fall from the trees. Kids are going back to school, getting settled into their routine and people are getting ready, gathering things for the upcoming winter season. In the fall of our lives, we’re slowing down, taking inventory of what no longer serves us and making decisions to eliminate it. Meanwhile harvesting those things that are of value in our lives. We are settling and preparing for what’s to come.

The seasons of our lives may not be in order, but we are in the constant ebb and flow of life. Things don’t stay the same. For some change is difficult and is often resisted. For others the change is thrilling and keeps life exciting.

Whichever end of the spectrum you find yourself on, change is going to happen whether we like it or not. Good times, bad times; ups, downs; gains, losses; failures, victories; disappointments, accomplishments. It is inevitable.

So with each change of season, though some may  be uncomfortable, try your best to embrace it and find the positive, knowing that in just a little while, it will be changing again. Do you know what season you’re in?

Until next time..

Be healthy, Be whole, Be you!

Kay Davis


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