Author, Visionary, Leader, Coach, Entrepreneur

Kay Davis is a passionate woman with a mission to help others become who they were destined to be. At a very early age, she was inquisitive, perceptive, and had the ability to think outside the box. She had a hunger for wanting to understand the ‘why’.

This hunger led her to attend college and study psychology, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in the year 1999. Upon graduating, she started teaching with the goal in mind to become a counselor, but quickly discovered that she had another path. She started her career working for a Fortune 100 company in the year 2000 where she was promoted to Assistant Vice President after 3 years.

During her 4th year in Corporate America, she was involved in a minor car accident which left her with some back injuries. This is where she was introduced to a chiropractor and massage therapist for the first time. She was amazed by how her body was able to recover with these alternative therapies alone, and it lit a fire in her to want to learn more. She enrolled in school for neuromuscular therapy that same year where she graduated and received her License and Certification as a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist.

After a short period of time, she re-injured her back while working as a neuromuscular therapist and retired from the profession. The knowledge that she gained through her schooling and practice were invaluable and she took that and began educating others about health and wellness.

Kay Davis combined her education, gifts, and experiences and is now a Certified Wellness Coach, Entrepreneur, and Inspirational Author.

After writing for over 20 years, she finally released her first book – Watered by the Vine: Daily Devotions for Single Women in 2014, which landed on Amazon’s top 100 list shortly after its release. This book was born out of the intimate times she spent with God during her singlehood journey. Many women of diverse backgrounds are being blessed by this book and she counts it an honor and privilege.

In 2020, she created a second edition to the devotional and re-purposed it into a journal, to enhance the experience for her audience.

In 2015, God impressed upon her heart to write her second book – Rock Your Pearl! for teenage girls to inspire them to raise the standard for their generation and generations to come. Teenage girls appreciate the straight talk nature in the book and find it easy to relate to.

The ABC’s of Generation Alpha: How to Stay Connected in the 21st Century, was conceived in Kay’s heart in 2020 and completed in the summer of 2021. This is a book for young readers (ages 6-12), to help them to navigate a world saturated by technology. Young readers will be inspired to reconnect with life’s basic fundamentals like kindness, respect, and hope.

In 2020, Kay fulfilled a long-time vision of launching an all natural wellness product line – Oilish. She also co-authored an inspirational book and wrote for the Huffington Post.

Kay Davis continues to be a leader, as Vice President, in her career of more than 20 years in the IT field. She remains committed to her calling of helping others connect to their purpose and achieve total health and wellness in all areas of life—body, soul, and spirit.

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