The ABC’s of Generation Alpha: How to Stay Connected in the 21st Century

The ABC’s of Generation Alpha is designed to help the next generation navigate a world that is becoming dominated by technology. It will teach basic life fundamentals like kindness, giving, and empathy that help them to understand how to stay connected in today’s society.

Rock Your Pearl!

Rock your Pearl, will encourage teenage girls to celebrate and embrace their virginity or celibacy in a crazy, mixed-up world. It will inspire the younger generation to reach towards a higher standard for themselves than is currently being represented in today’s culture.

Watered by the Vine: Daily Devotions Journal for Single Women

In this powerful daily devotional journal, readers will be encouraged, uplifted, and inspired to find enrichment in the singlehood journey. They will have an opportunity to write, ponder, meditate, and quench their souls, as they experience the refreshment that comes when they are Watered by the Vine.

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