Certified Life Wellness Coach Kay Davis, is a Best-Selling author with a passion for helping others become who God called them to be. With a degree in psychology, a certification in natural healthcare, and certification as a life coach; she is committed to helping others connect to their purpose and achieve total health and wellness in all areas of life—body, soul, and spirit.

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She has been writing for over 20 years and released her first book— Watered by the Vine: Daily Devotions for Single Women in 2014, which landed on Amazon’s top 100 list shortly after its release. This book was born out of the intimate times she spent with God during her singlehood journey. Many women of diverse backgrounds are being blessed by this book and she counts it an honor and privilege. God impressed upon her heart to write Rock Your Pearl! for teenage girls to inspire them to raise the standard for their generation and generations to come. She also had the privilege to co-author the Best Selling book: 20 Beautiful Women Volume 3, which features 20 dynamic and motivational stories; from different women that have experienced devastating circumstances, loss and disappointment; nevertheless, each of them discovered their purpose through their pain and are now helping others to overcome challenges they once faced.

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