5 Keys of Wellness Wisdom

Our bodies are well manufactured machines. They were created and designed to sustain the blows and throws of life.  We must, however do our part to help them maintain optimal functioning. In today’s modern society, our bodies are assaulted by our environment, viruses, diet, and stressful lifestyles, with little to no help from us. WhatContinue reading “5 Keys of Wellness Wisdom”


How to Choose the Right Supplement

In today’s environment, our food is void of the essential nutrients we need to help our bodies thrive. They are either loaded down with chemicals or the nutritional properties have been destroyed or altered during the heating process, especially if the heating source is a microwave. We are eating to feel satiated, but our cells are being robbedContinue reading “How to Choose the Right Supplement”

5 Healthy Alternatives for Your Skin

Synthetic vs. Natural Skin Moisturizers You may ask what’s the difference in what I put on my skin, as long as it smells good or feels good on my skin? While that reasoning may be common among many, it is really something rather important that’s worth a second look. Did you know the skin isContinue reading “5 Healthy Alternatives for Your Skin”

4 Ways to Balance Your Body’s pH

We’ve all been to the doctor and have seen a pH number on lab results and have overlooked it because we didn’t think it was important. Your pH is actually very important and is a good indicator of what’s going inside your body. pH stands for potential hydrogen and it is a gauge of theContinue reading “4 Ways to Balance Your Body’s pH”