5 Keys of Wellness Wisdom

FE6EE607-6F9A-417F-A6EE-C0FA004E528EOur bodies are well manufactured machines. They were created and designed to sustain the blows and throws of life.  We must, however do our part to help them maintain optimal functioning.

In today’s modern society, our bodies are assaulted by our environment, viruses, diet, and stressful lifestyles, with little to no help from us. What can we do?

  1. Get adequate rest daily- We should all get at least 6-8 hrs of sleep a night. Our bodies are able to ‘reset’ while we’re sleeping and this is vital to our health and well being.
  2. Manage Stress –Stress depletes our bodies of vital resources needed to function adequately. We must find ways to alleviate stress to reduce the load and toll on our bodies. Some ways to reduce stress are: exercise, prayer, meditation, breathing, taking a walk in nature, listening to uplifting/relaxing music, and laughter to name a few. Find what works for you!
  3. Reduction of EMF (Electromagnetic Field) exposure- In the age of technology, our bodies are bombarded  with exposure to EMF’s. EMF’s can come from WiFi routers, cellphones, X-rays, etc,. They can wreak havoc on our systems, interfering with our bodies own “electricity” otherwise know as our nervous system, as well as causing damage to our cells. Although it’s next to impossible to avoid EMF’s. there are ways to reduce the exposure to our bodies. Cell phones are constantly sending and receiving signals whether or not they’re in use. Due to this, we should avoid going to sleep with a cell phone near our bodies, (especially the head/brain) while we’re sleeping. It is also important to remove WiFi routers and Smart Tv’s from our bedrooms.
  4. Build Up your Immune System- The immune system is our body’s defense. It  is vital that we equip our body’s defense to fight. How can we do this? A healthy diet including plenty of fruit and vegetables daily is essential. Limiting processed food and fast food is  also important. We must also replenish vitamins and minerals that we’re not getting from food, with quality supplements such as: a whole food multi-vitamin, omega three, and vitamin D – at minimal.
  5. Exercise-Keeping our bodies active is a critical element in wellness. Exercising helps every area of our bodies. We should strive to make time for exercise weekly. Some forms of exercise include cardio (running, walking , bicycling, treadmill etc,.), strength training (weight lifting, pilates, etc.,) or some form of mind body exercise like stretching, tai chi, or yoga are all beneficial. If you don’t like exercise, try something more fun like dancing or participating in some type of sport- just get moving!

We must take charge of our health, we are our own best advocates!

If you’d like to get more specific guidance to take your health and wellness to the next level, feel free to complete a form on my Services page and I’m happy to help.

Be Well, Stay Well,

-Kay Davis-Ellis






How’s your 2020 Vision?

F0A86B67-AA37-4341-9943-8514C50B1ED5A new year is a time of refreshing, a time to re-evaluate and recalibrate where needed. It is a chance to start over.

We are not only entering a new year but a new decade. What were your highs and lows of the decade? What were your takeaways from 2019? Did you accomplish what you set out to accomplish last year? How do you want the next decade of your life to look?

Of course none of us know what life will throw our way. But we can have a vision and take hold of what’s in our grasp to achieve. As the saying goes – “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”

How’s your 2020 vision? Is it cloudy, blurry, clear, or out of focus? What do you want to see manifest in your life? What are your roadblocks to seeing it come to pass?

As a success coach, I am a firm believer that we should constantly be growing in some area of our  lives- personally, financially, professionally, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, etc,.

What can you do?

Create a 2020 Vision Board. It doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate or fancy, it could be as simple as writing goals down on a piece of paper and putting in a place within your eyesight to serve as a constant reminder.

Be specific, but don’t overreach. Set goals that are attainable and something that you can stay committed too with room to grow.

Share your vision with someone trusted, that can help to hold you accountable.

If you’re tired of making idle new year resolutions with no results, reach out to me via my Services tab and sign up for a free coaching consultation.

I hope you have the best that 2020 can offer you. May it be the start of the best decade of your life!

Happy New Year Blessings to all!

Be Healthy, Be Whole, Be You
Kay DavisEllis







5 Keys to Self-Reflection

self reflection picture


Can you believe that 2017 is almost over?! The end of each year is often a time of reflection for me.  I take inventory of my gains and losses, victories and failures, triumphs and trials, and my joys and sorrows.  Then I examine the lessons learned, areas of growth, and areas that can use some fine tuning.

Self-Reflection is a healthy practice. It is a tool I use, not to punish myself for missteps or to attain an unrealistic state of perfection, but to make sure that I’m continuously growing in some way, shape, or form. It allows me to evaluate how I handled the experiences that have shown up in my life and ponder if I would have done anything differently. This helps me to continue to grow into the best me I can be!

The moment we stop growing in this journey called life, is the moment we begin stagnating. Anything that stagnates eventually dies. This could be the death of a dream, goal, hope, or desire.

So, as we close out this year, let’s resolve to awaken those things that are laying dormant within us and breathe new life into them.

What are some things you can do to put self-reflection into practice?

Here are 5 steps to Self-Reflection and questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Record your top 3 challenges, failures, or losses.
    • What did you learn about yourself from them?
    • What was your attitude during these times?
    • What life lessons did you learn?
  2. Record your biggest fear.
    • How has it shown up in your life?
    • How has it hindered you?
    • What have you been avoiding because of it?
  3. Record your top 3 triumphs, victories, or gains.
    • How did you add value to someone else’s life?
    • Why are you grateful?
    • How did your life change as a result?
  4. Record your #1 dream.
    • What actions did you take?
    • How will you feel once the dream is fulfilled?
    • What is your mindset?
  5. Record your top 3 personal goals.
    • Are you taking care of yourself physically?
    • Are your relationships healthy or are they depleting you?
    • What aspect of your character needs adjustment?

These are some simple things you can do periodically to keep yourself on track and in line with where you want to be. If you need help with any of the steps above,  go over to my website https://waioflife.com/services/  and apply for a one time Free 30-minute consultation with me!

I pray for a Safe and Happy Christmas season and a Blessed and Healthy 2018!

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Until Next Time…Be Healthy, Be Whole, Be You!

Kay Davis



5 Thieves of Hope and How to Guard Against Them


Hope is a 4 letter word that is often underrated and underestimated, especially when compared to it’s counterpart’s faith and love. However; a lot of people don’t realize that hope is an essential link to get you from where you are to where you want to be. It is a necessary ingredient to the manifestation of your dreams AND it is the heartbeat of your faith.

Let’s take for example an expectant mother. She knows that at or about 9 months,  a baby is going to be born.  As each month goes by, her anticipation increases as she begins making plans for the birth of her baby.  She’s sharing the news with loved ones, changing her diet, buying clothes, picking out a name, preparing a room, and ensuring she has the basic necessities to care for her new arrival.  This hope and expectation fuels her assurance-belief-faith that this baby is on the way. But what would happen if she didn’t feel, see, or otherwise tangibly experience the existence of this baby. Would hope remain?

It is important to note that hope can be a very fragile thing that can be stolen quite easily if one is not careful.

Here are 5 common thieves to hope:

  1. Fear-That what you’re expecting won’t actually manifest or come to pass.  This could be based on past failures, insecurities, or just pessimism.
  2. Doubt-That what you’re hoping for is beyond your reach, impossible, or unlikely to happen; causing you to wonder if it’s really for you.  Thoughts of maybe you’re not good enough, smart enough, or deserving enough of what you desire OR maybe you’re asking for too much or reaching too high, and should just settle where you are.
  3. Time-The more time that passes beyond the point of expectation, can cause one to grow weary. Take for example someone running a race.  When the finish line is in plain sight, it is easy to run, because you can see the immediate reward.  That fire of adrenaline ignites within and gives you the fortitude to run.  But, if you continue to run with no finish line in sight, you may begin to wonder if you’re running the wrong race, if you’ve veered off course, or if the finish line is out of your reach.  This produces weariness, which if left unchecked eventually steals hope.
  4. Despair-The present situation may seem so bleak and insurmountable that despair has taken over and blocked or clouded your vision.  Or, it’s possible you started off hopeful, but the interference of some of these other thieves have allowed despair to set in and take over.
  5. Other’s opinions-Often times the influence of those closest -predominately within your inner circle,  can cause one to lose hope about their situation.  They could knowingly or unknowingly plant a seed of fear, doubt, or despair, leading one to grow weary and surrender hope.

As you can see, all of the above thieves work hand in hand to snatch away hope, robbing one of their dreams. Since the things hoped for are often intangible, making it difficult to maintain; it is important to be on guard against these thieves of hope in order to see your dreams, goals, desires, and plans come to pass.

Just like an expectant mother, you must nourish the hope inside of you to keep it alive, as it is the breeding ground for your faith and the launching pad to your dreams. How can you do this?

  1. Prepare-Start taking steps toward that which you hope for. Do something tangible that’s tied to the end result.
  2. Declare-Talk about your goal or desire with a trusted source- good friend, family member, coach etc.,
  3. Prayer– This is the most important of all. Give everything to God in prayer. Whatever is in God’s will for you, He can and will restore your hope and keep it alive until He brings about the manifestation.

Never give up on your dreams and remember that all things are possible!

Until Next Time..Be Healthy, Be Whole, Be You.

Kay Davis

How to Choose the Right Supplement


In today’s environment, our food is void of the essential nutrients we need to help our bodies thrive. They are either loaded down with chemicals or the nutritional properties have been destroyed or altered during the heating process, especially if the heating source is a microwave. We are eating to feel satiated, but our cells are being robbed of nutrition.

What is a good solution?

I am a firm believer that we need to supplement our diet with vitamins,  minerals, and sometimes herbs. I know, most of you are probably saying which supplement is right for me, there are too many to choose from?  It’s true our market is saturated with supplements claiming to meet our needs. Contrary to popular belief, all supplements are not the same.

Many supplements are filled with synthetic materials and fillers that are not easily absorbed by our bodies, therefore defeating the purpose of taking the product. Low quality supplements use poor sources to extract the vitamin or mineral which could end up doing more harm than good. If you’re going to go through the regimen of taking something daily to improve or maintain your health, doesn’t it make more sense to take something of value? After all, it is an investment into one of life’s most important assets: health.

Which Supplements should I take?

That would of course depend on your situation. Start off with some basic vitamins and of course if you have other ailments or conditions that require more attention, a qualified health professional can assist you with making the appropriate selections. Generally speaking, we should all be supplementing with at least two products.

  1.  A multi-vitamin- preferably from a whole food source or powder form will help ensure we get the required daily dosage of each essential vitamin and mineral.  A multi-vitamin that comes from a whole food source means the vitamins and minerals were extracted from an actual food source like: spinach, carrots, blueberries, kelp, etc,. Also, taking the vitamin in powder form helps to ensure our bodies are able to recognize and absorb the maximum amount of nutrients.
  2. The second supplement we should take daily is a quality source of Omega 3’s.  This is extremely important to our well-being because our bodies do not make this on its own.  It is essential to brain, heart, and joint health, as well as a host of other benefits. It is important that a fish oil supplement come from cold water, such as Norway or Alaska because warmer bodies of water generally have higher levels of mercury which could be dangerous. Omega 3’s can also be consumed from plant based sources such as flax seed.

Which Brand to choose?

  1. Purchase your supplements from a health food, vitamin, or reputable online store. Most big name retailers or grocery stores do not specialize in this area, therefore the type of products they carry are not carefully selected with the health conscious individual in mind. You will likely find the lowest quality supplements from this channel.
  2. Another important rule of thumb is to consult with a nutritionist or health and wellness professional. A skilled professional will understand what key words to look for on the back label that are red flags indicative of poor quality products. They will also know which company’s are reputable and will know what to look for when researching a company.

These are just a few tips regarding supplementation.  If you want to improve your health or want more specifics regarding supplements and nutrition, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and sign up for a free 30- minute wellness consultation. Just visit the services link on my website and sign-up today.

Until next time, Be healthy, Be whole, Be you!

Kay Davis



What’s in store for you in 2017?

Hello and Happy New Year!

How has 2017 been shaping up for you so far?  Are you on track with your 2017 goals or have you fallen back into your 2016 ways?  A common mistake many people make at the start of the year is they set a goal, make it very general, and then declare they will accomplish it.  They start off on the right foot, full speed ahead and then by the January 31st they have gotten comfortable again, the momentum of the New Year buzz has worn off and they have forgotten all about their goals and plans!

Does that sound familiar? We have all done it at some point in time. But what about now? That scenario does not have to be you this time, this year. But, if you want something different, you must do something different, right?

There is a method to achieving goals and dreams and it’s not as simple as saying here’s what I want and this is what I’m going to do. It starts there for sure! But most people stop there.


It starts with making a decision. Decide what you want to see take place this year in your life, and say it out loud. Declare it!


Do some soul searching. Why is this so important to you, how will you feel if you don’t accomplish this goal by next January?


Get an action plan and outline step by step how you will achieve this goal.

So, that all sounds nice but how and where do you begin? How do you keep the momentum going until you reach your goal? Or maybe you want more fulfillment out of life but can’t seem to grasp what IT is. It may sound overwhelming but I can help.

As a Life Wellness Coach, my job is to help you get from point A to Z giving you tools and resources that you can use again and again. We will work together to identify your gifts and talents, and take actionable steps to begin walking in them. We will uncover any limiting mindsets that may be preventing you from moving forward. Most importantly, we will come up with an actionable plan, that I will help you stay accountable to.

I truly believe that in 2017 God is stirring up the gifts and talents He placed within us.  It’s up to us what we do with them!   Let’s stop talking about all the great things we want to do and begin to take the necessary steps to achieving them!

Go on over to the Services tab of my site and sign-up for your free Life Wellness consultation. Let’s get started in creating the roadmap to your dreams!

Until next time…Be Healthy, Be Whole, Be You,

Kay Davis

Traits of Changing Seasons of Life


Each season brings about change.Just as there are different seasons for the earth, we have a winter ❄️, spring 🌸, summer 🌞, fall 🍁, in our lives though we may not always realize it.

For most in the US; the winter ❄️️usually brings about shorter days, colder temperatures, perhaps even 🌨snow. Things die, trees are barren, animals hibernate, and people retreat indoors. In the winter season of our lives; things are quiet, still, not a lot of movement, not many changes. The landscape has been cleared and everything and everyone that is not meant to stay is cut off and removed.. It is now primed and the ready for what’s to come.

In the spring🌸, the fresh warm air defrosts the winter remains and everything is new again. 🌷 Flowers are blooming filling the trees and the ground with a beautiful array colors. 🐥Birds are chirping, 🐝bees are buzzing, and animals are coming out of hibernation. The days are longer, the grass is greener, and the 💧rain is helping to bring nature back to life. People are outside gardening, playing, and enjoying the newness of spring. In the spring of our lives, there is newness in the air. New adventures, new encounters, and new ideas. It is the time when the landscape of your life is replenished and flourishing with growth and opportunity. It is an exciting time of change.

In the summer, the ☀️heat is blazing. 🌳Trees are in full bloom. People are moving fast with so much to do, and so much to see. The 🍦 ice cream trucks are singing throughout the streets, trying to keep everyone cool. Kids are out of school, swimming and splashing, enjoying the long hot days of the season. In the summer of our lives everything is full blast. We are moving quickly from one thing to the next as time flies by. Things planted in the spring have reached full maturity and the fruit is visible.

In the fall🍁, things start slowing down. The air is crisp,  pies are baking, and the leaves 🍂are changing into a warm variety of gold, orange, and red. The wind 💨 rushes in swiftly to help the leaves to fall from the trees. Kids are going back to school, getting settled into their routine and people are getting ready, gathering things for the upcoming winter season. In the fall of our lives, we’re slowing down, taking inventory of what no longer serves us and making decisions to eliminate it. Meanwhile harvesting those things that are of value in our lives. We are settling and preparing for what’s to come.

The seasons of our lives may not be in order, but we are in the constant ebb and flow of life. Things don’t stay the same. For some change is difficult and is often resisted. For others the change is thrilling and keeps life exciting.

Whichever end of the spectrum you find yourself on, change is going to happen whether we like it or not. Good times, bad times; ups, downs; gains, losses; failures, victories; disappointments, accomplishments. It is inevitable.

So with each change of season, though some may  be uncomfortable, try your best to embrace it and find the positive, knowing that in just a little while, it will be changing again. Do you know what season you’re in?

Until next time..

Be healthy, Be whole, Be you!

Kay Davis


The Pros and Cons of Social Media: Is it helping or hurting us?



We are living in the day of social media. It is part of our culture. It has become an intricate part of our society. It is a necessity for some and a burden for others. It has evolved from its first beginning and it continues to evolve with the advancement of technology. The question is, is it helping us or hurting us? Let’s explore.

For some it is used as:

  • A medium to re-connect with those from the past or connect with new people.
  • A means of expression and sharing information or knowledge.
  • Validation and acceptance.
  • A form of entertainment or staying in “the know.”
  • Promotion or networking for their business.

I’m not here to say what’s right or wrong about using social media, because different people use it for different things. I just find it interesting that we as a society are often more concerned about:

  • Taking a selfie every hour only to post and see how many likes you get, meanwhile taking away from enjoying the moment.
  • Harassing, bullying, or ostracizing someone because they have an opinion that is contrary to what the majority feels one should think, say, or do.
  • Airing dirty laundry, causing strife and division among loved ones, instead of building each other up.

Again, I’m not here to bash social media, after all I’m on it! Some channels attract my interest more than others which is why it is good that there are many options available. I for one was very hesitant about getting on social media because of my private nature but have overcome my reservations and have found it to be very beneficial to me. I have made meaningful connections and use it -within balance.

I worry about the younger generation not being able to communicate verbally or express themselves unless they’re typing it. I also worry about the fickle nature of the way the word ‘Friends’ is used on some social media channels. I truly believe people think that if you’re ‘friends’ on social media you’re friends in real life. Just because someone likes your page, picture, or comments does not make them your friend. That is not the true nature of friendship. Just because someone says they want to be your friend and you communicate and share thoughts, ideas, even laughs with them, that still does not make them your friend.

A true friend is dependable, trustworthy, respectful, loyal and cares about your feelings and well-being. They demonstrate this beyond ‘friendly’ words-it comes through in their actions as well. They will be there to support you when you need them and not just when it serves them.  They will see you for you, value you for the person you are, and are in touch with reality enough to know that we are all flawed we don’t live inside this perfect glass bubble behind the computer screen or the smartphone. That’s fantasy. A true friend will respect and value the person that you are and your bond of friendship, will address and confront challenges head on, not simply avoid or cease communication.

I am fortunate enough to have true friends in my life that have been around for years, and find that as I get older and technology becomes more advanced, it is not as easy to build quality relationships with quality people. It’s something worth thinking about, before we’re all so caught up in the hype that we forget the things that are at the central core of our existence, or forget what it means to truly build and maintain meaningful relationships, the art of communication, the freedom of opinion, and living and cherishing the moment with those closest to you!

Makes you wander is social media helping or hurting us as a society? I think the answer is both. You decide. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!



PS. Check out my video here: https://youtu.be/xiiNYd1ApkM

Until next time…Be Healthy, Be Whole, Be You!

Kay Davis

5 Healthy Alternatives for Your Skin

Synthetic vs. Natural Skin Moisturizers


You may ask what’s the difference in what I put on my skin, as long as it smells good or feels good on my skin? While that reasoning may be common among many, it is really something rather important that’s worth a second look.

Did you know the skin is the largest organ in your body? That’s right, it’s not just a blanket for our bones, it actually serves many functions. What’s happening with our skin is a good indicator of what’s going on inside our bodies. One of its many functions is to detoxify our bodies which is vital to our well-being.

Imagine taking a huge role of plastic wrap and wrapping it tightly over your skin every day. Sounds silly right? What kind of effect do you think this will have on your body? Your skin won’t be able to breathe, your pores will be choking, nothing good can get in, and nothing bad can get out. Sounds like a recipe for disaster!

Believe it or not, this is what we do to our bodies when we put synthetic moisturizers on our skin.  The main synthetic moisturizers found in many commercial products, are mineral oil and petroleum. While these moisturizers may seem to provide your skin with the moisture it needs, these ingredients coat our skin like plastic wrap, forming a tight seal where nothing can be taken in or released. Some products contain more than others and the degree to which this is happening, determines the severity of this.

Here are 5 healthier natural alternatives for your skin:

  1. Pure Coconut Oil-antimicrobial, rich in Vitamin E, providing a sweet, natural fragrance.
  2. Raw Shea Butter-provides a heavier, thicker coat without clogging pores, gives the skin a natural glow.
  3. Almond Oil– a lighter oil, rich in vitamin e, calcium, and magnesium.
  4. Grapeseed Oil-lighter oil, non-greasy, powerful anti-oxidant.
  5. Olive Oil- effective for dry skin and inflammatory conditions of the skin.

With these healthier alternatives, not only are you allowing your skin to breathe, but you’re also allowing the absorption of the many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients found in these natural moisturizers.

As always, remember to read those labels on the back to know what you’re really getting!

Until next time…Be Healthy, Be Whole, Be You!

Kay Davis

Product Label Reading 101

Product Label Reading 101

Sugar-Free, 100% Natural, No Artificial Flavors, these are all common catch phrases we see in the grocery store isles on the front labels. These phrases are meant to grab our attention and prompt us to pick it up off the shelf, put it in our baskets and buy! A lot of people are caught and tricked by these marketing tactics.

They are often very deceptive and cause one to believe they are getting a quality product when in actuality they are not. These marketing strategists know what key words people are looking for and also know that most people won’t turn the product over and take the time to see what they’re really getting ready to buy.

Although they may claim something is sugar-free, what are they substituting the sugar for to sweeten the product? Probably with something more dangerous than sugar! The word natural is very generic and it could mean really whatever the manufacturer wants it to mean. Sure a product may not contain any artificial flavors but does it have artificial coloring (red dye, blue dye, yellow dye)?

If you really want to know what you’re getting you must read the back label.  This is the real truth about your product. Generally, the first 5 ingredients are what your product primarily consists of, but it is important to read all ingredients on the label.

This not only applies to food, but also personal care products and anything else that we put on or in our bodies. Some personal care products may be marketed as healthy because they contain natural substances like olive oil, tea tree oil, or vitamin e, but when you turn the product over you see about 12 ingredients listed with the promoted natural substance being the 12th item on the list, and something like water or mineral oil being the 1st! So you’re really getting only a trace amount of the substance marketed on the front of the bottle which means the quality of the product is not as high as it appears to be!

5 key points to remember when shopping:

ü After the front label draws you in, turn it around and read the back label!

ü Look at the first 5 ingredients to make an informed decision

ü Read the entire back label to find out what’s in the product

ü If it has more than 12 ingredients, it probably has a lot of artificial additives

ü Watch out for too many catch phrases on the front

Until next time…Be Healthy, Be Whole, Be You!

Kay Davis