5 Keys of Wellness Wisdom

FE6EE607-6F9A-417F-A6EE-C0FA004E528EOur bodies are well manufactured machines. They were created and designed to sustain the blows and throws of life.  We must, however do our part to help them maintain optimal functioning.

In today’s modern society, our bodies are assaulted by our environment, viruses, diet, and stressful lifestyles, with little to no help from us. What can we do?

  1. Get adequate rest daily- We should all get at least 6-8 hrs of sleep a night. Our bodies are able to ‘reset’ while we’re sleeping and this is vital to our health and well being.
  2. Manage Stress –Stress depletes our bodies of vital resources needed to function adequately. We must find ways to alleviate stress to reduce the load and toll on our bodies. Some ways to reduce stress are: exercise, prayer, meditation, breathing, taking a walk in nature, listening to uplifting/relaxing music, and laughter to name a few. Find what works for you!
  3. Reduction of EMF (Electromagnetic Field) exposure- In the age of technology, our bodies are bombarded  with exposure to EMF’s. EMF’s can come from WiFi routers, cellphones, X-rays, etc,. They can wreak havoc on our systems, interfering with our bodies own “electricity” otherwise know as our nervous system, as well as causing damage to our cells. Although it’s next to impossible to avoid EMF’s. there are ways to reduce the exposure to our bodies. Cell phones are constantly sending and receiving signals whether or not they’re in use. Due to this, we should avoid going to sleep with a cell phone near our bodies, (especially the head/brain) while we’re sleeping. It is also important to remove WiFi routers and Smart Tv’s from our bedrooms.
  4. Build Up your Immune System- The immune system is our body’s defense. It  is vital that we equip our body’s defense to fight. How can we do this? A healthy diet including plenty of fruit and vegetables daily is essential. Limiting processed food and fast food is  also important. We must also replenish vitamins and minerals that we’re not getting from food, with quality supplements such as: a whole food multi-vitamin, omega three, and vitamin D – at minimal.
  5. Exercise-Keeping our bodies active is a critical element in wellness. Exercising helps every area of our bodies. We should strive to make time for exercise weekly. Some forms of exercise include cardio (running, walking , bicycling, treadmill etc,.), strength training (weight lifting, pilates, etc.,) or some form of mind body exercise like stretching, tai chi, or yoga are all beneficial. If you don’t like exercise, try something more fun like dancing or participating in some type of sport- just get moving!

We must take charge of our health, we are our own best advocates!

If you’d like to get more specific guidance to take your health and wellness to the next level, feel free to complete a form on my Services page and I’m happy to help.

Be Well, Stay Well,

-Kay Davis-Ellis





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