4 Virtues of Patience

4 Virtues of Patience


We have all heard that patience is a virtue. It is the ability to accept delay without frustration. Those with patience are able to remain calm and avoid sudden impulses when under pressure.

Being impatient has little benefit; whether it’s a traffic jam, a long line at an event, or a slow clerk at the grocery store; you may as well sit back, enjoy your music on the radio, enjoy your companion in the line, or offer a friendly smile to the frazzled clerk at the store. Make the best out of the situation!

Patience is beneficial to your health, happiness, relationships, and goals.

Consider some of these virtues to having patience:

  1. It’s easier to be happy when you’re patient. Impatient people are often experiencing stress and anxiety, on some level so having patience reduces this unpleasant state of mind. Challenging situations are more manageable when the situation can be approached with patience. 
  2. Patience promotes good health. The stress that impatient people feel is harmful to the mind, body, and emotions. Heart conditions, chronic headaches, ulcers, and many other health conditions are often the result of stress. Those that exercise patience often suffer from fewer medical issues, potentially increasing their life span.
  3. You can accomplish your goals. Some goals require a certain amount of time to manifest, and for this you need patience. People often times quit and never accomplish their goals or see their dreams come to pass, for lack of patience. Have you allowed impatience to sabotage your destiny?
  4. You’ll make better decisions. Impatient people tend to be impulsive; therefore, don’t take the necessary time to make wise decisions. Patience provides the time and space to ponder the situation and make a wise decision. Do you recall a time in your life where you’ve made bad decisions due to being impatient?

If you think about it, being impatient doesn’t do anything to help your situation, in fact it can make a challenging situation a whole lot worse, stealing your peace in the process. Relax, take a deep breath, and remember the virtues of having patience!

Until next time…Be Healthy, Be Whole, Be You!

Kay Davis

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