The Path to Greatness

path to greatness

The Path to Greatness is not an easy road to travel. It is unpaved, narrow, barren, and bleak. It is long and dark and seems as though it goes on for miles with no end in sight. It seems useless, pointless, as though you’re making no progress. No people in sight for miles, with a glimpse at someone trudging along this long, winding road every now and again. There are twists and turns, hills and valleys, sometimes it seems like you’re going in circles or moving steadily but getting nowhere.

The thought of quitting and turning around to travel on a road that’s more familiar, more comfortable, tempts you every day. But then you remember all the hurdles, struggles, obstacles you’ve overcome. All the strength, endurance, courage, determination, and perseverance you’ve acquired along the way. Then you realize you’ve come too far to quit-all of your efforts would be in vain if you don’t move forward to see the rewards of your labor.

You tell yourself-keep pressing ahead, don’t quit, don’t worry, don’t fret. My dreams will come to pass; my labor is not in vain. For it is then that you realize why the path to greatness is the road less traveled. It is cumbersome, it is treacherous, it is hard, and it is not built for the common man-the common man won’t last.  Those that travel on this path to greatness that make it to the end, are not ordinary, they were built to last, This is what make them great.

No matter how treacherous the path may be, keep pushing through to the end, greatness is a part of your destiny.

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Be Healthy, Be Whole, Be You!

Kay Davis


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